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located at
Monroe Community Church
Sept 15 - Oct 2, 2022
The title 'All This and More' references the unimaginable quantity of “disposable plastic” still being made and thrown away as well as the innumerable ways in which the planet is being affected by it. 

I hope to convey a sense of interconnectedness and transformation with this work and show another possibility for plastic.


Plastic was once a living being. This statement acknowledges an ancient arc of material transformation and manipulation still occurring on this planet.

At the end of this process is plastic. Yet there is one more phase, if we choose, to transform what we see as “trash” into art. 


Depicting what we cannot readily see, drives my practice - views of microscopic cell interactions, molecular-level contamination and cross-sections of interconnectedness. Created with ubiquitous plastic residues of daily consumption and convenience, I imagine how plastic, this human-made material, is infiltrating and interacting with living systems at the deepest level. 


The techniques I employ physically articulate sustainability concepts of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.  Reducing many plastic pieces into one by compressing and rolling, I use heat and pressure to mimic geological processes, recalling the origins of plastic deep within the earth; fossil fuels, dinosaurs.

Sept 18 - Meet the Artist 
Monroe Community Church - Bryan Northup “All This and More”

Sept 28 -
WOOD-TV Meet the Artist Interview

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