Contemporary visual art, Environmental art, Private art instruction

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Bryan Northup  |   Oak Park, IL, USA   |

Copyright © 1999 - 2019  Bryan Northup.   All Rights Reserved



Referencing food, but made from everyday single use plastics and foam, these assemblage works examine modern society's appetite for convenience and dependence on these toxic materials.
By melting, inflating, twisting, rolling and cutting plastics and arranging these "ingredients" into tempting and seemingly edible compositions, or plating found “trash” into intriguing, yet vile hors d'oeuvres, I intend to manipulate your appetites and put you off your next portion of plastic.


Consider for a moment that at least some of what you are looking at appears to be edible.  I would like you to seriously consider eating this plastic. It may even appear to be delicious, like a plastic bag appears to be an authentic meal, a jellyfish floating in the ocean, to a hungry fish or bird.

Still, you have the choice to decline. Even though you may be largely unaware of the harmful environmental effects of these plastics, you know better.
    Of course you can't eat that, it’s plastic!

We all have other demands every time we’re hungry.
Our food must be healthy, plentiful, appetizing to look at, pure, organic, youth-sustaining, energizing, convenient and delicious to eat!

Since our insatiable appetites seem destined to leave more plastic waste than fish in the oceans by 2050, and natural food sources for marine life are rapidly declining due to overfishing, all manner of marine animals are forced to partake in this
alternate sustenance.


By forcing encounters with this easily forgotten material in the context of art, I hope to serve up a memorable intervention.

If plastic is in the ocean, it is in you.